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Tag: office space

Evacuation Desperation

28 September, 2011

At work, we are in the middle of a critical (to me…) stage in the project – training development. It’s now the training team’s time to shine, and because all of the prior activities (build, data loading, testing) have over-run their time, we’re being really squeezed on how much time we have left to deliver [...]

New Adventures in Cubeland

1 April, 2008

I just started a new job. This is for the same company, just on a new project (my fifth SAP implementation…), and meant another office move.  Up to now, every change of project has meant a change of continent (Belgium > Singapore > U.S.A > Belgium > U.S.A) so I was relieved this time to only [...]

Dress Code: Indifference

11 February, 2008

When I left Europe last year, as part of my move-induced personal property purge, I threw out seven or eight suits that had seen better days.  A couple of these had worn out years previously, I just couldn’t bear to part with them (hey, these were all Paul Smith, and I was very attached to them).  [...]

“I have one word for you…plastic.”

7 June, 2005

Outside of my office block there are a couple of uncomfortable-looking, ugly, grey concrete benches that seem to have been provided for the sole purpose of giving the smokers somewhere to sit during their frequent company-sanctioned absences from work.  Not being a smoker, I’ve never taken advantage of them, but now that the weather has [...]

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