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Silversun Pickups & Foals, Revention Center, Houston

2 May, 2016

So I thought it was about time I got my ageing indie kid on again, and took myself out to a gig. I think the last band I went to see was The Jackfields in DC back in 2004, so I’ve been keeping my eye on the local gig listings to see if anyone interesting [...]

Old Age Is Just Around The Bend

11 October, 2011

Since my divorce, my social life has opened up again (they don’t call them a ball-and-chain for nothing…). Actually, it has really ‘had the ability’ to open up, because I haven’t actually done anything. The point is that I could have. If I’d wanted to. This week I finally decided that it was time to [...]

Muse & Silversun Pickups, Toyota Arena, Houston

18 March, 2010

I’m not the biggest Muse fan (only owning Absolution), but I’ve heard they do a good live show, so when they came through Houston last summer I was going to go and give them the benefit. However, I then found out that they were supporting U2 and I’d rather have my ears piped with fresh [...]

The Decemberists, Riviera Theater, Chicago

9 October, 2009

Given that I had to back out of the last two gigs in Houston that I had tickets for (Gomez, and Green Day) because I was sent to Chicago on gig-day, I was super-bummed to learn that my current loves, The Decemberists, were playing Houston when I was, yet again, in Chicago. But as I was scheduled to [...]

The Cure, Toyota Center Houston

10 June, 2008

I used to be a pretty big fan of The Cure back in the day, but I kind of gave up on them when they went all cheerful, and I haven’t bought an album of theirs since 1987′s Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me.  So when I heard they were coming to Houston, I was in [...]

Built To Spill, Warehouse Houston

4 March, 2008

Built To Spill are another band I can’t believe are playing venues the size of the Warehouse in Houston (albeit in the ‘Ballroom’ which is reasonably larger than the room I saw The Black Angels in).  They should be huge, and playing to an audience of thousands, not the four- or five-hundred college students who [...]

Beginning To See The Light

30 November, 2007

OK, maybe it’s time to admit that I’m finally too old for all of this.  Last night I went to see another band – The Black Angels – and I’m starting to feel like I don’t belong.  It’s not the music.  The band were excellent, and I was shuffling along as enthusiastically as the next [...]

The Black Angels – The Warehouse, Houston

29 November, 2007

Despite having heard only a four-track EP by The Black Angels, I thought they’d probably be worth seeing live, so jumped at the chance when they came through Houston.  This was again at the Warehouse, but in a different/smaller room than the one I saw The Black Keys in – either that or they have remodeled [...]

The Black Keys, The Warehouse, Houston

17 June, 2007

I’ve been back in Houston for four months now, and decided that it was about time I got back into the live music scene.  There was no-one I desparately wanted to see, playing, but I fancied a night out, so I took my chances with The Black Keys, at the Warehouse. I hadn’t heard anything [...]

Morrissey, Ancienne Belgique

28 August, 2006

I’m a huge Smiths fan.  A British music journalist once said: “I feel sorry for any new band, because no matter how good they are, they’ll never be The Smiths”, and I think he was right.  Unfortunately but the time I discovered The Smiths they had split.  (During their heyday they were the sole preserve [...]

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