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Year: 2008

Safety is in the eye of the beholder

11 November, 2008

Today, I attended the mandatory hour-and-a-half ‘newcomer’ safety training for my current work location.  I’ve actually been here at this location for three months already, but I wasn’t able to attend the last quarterly conduct because I was too busy actually doing my damn job (I was on a site visit at another location).  I also learned [...]

They delayed the Dancing With The Stars vote for THIS?

5 November, 2008

So here’s to four years of non-specific ‘change’.  After a solid 18 months of tedious, blanket media coverage, Barack Obama finally beat John McCain in the U.S. Presidential Election, and will now be the youngest and blackest president in American history.  Obama has (at the time of writing) some 349 electoral votes to McCain’s 163 (and [...]

Technology: The Great Disabler

15 October, 2008

We’re pretty tight on security in this company.  Not quite Pentagon tight, but tight to the point where some buildings have X-ray machines and walk-thru metal detectors (although thankfully they don’t make you take your shoes off…).  Even so, every so often some bright spark in upper management decides to tighten things up a notch, [...]

AT&T Suck Ass

10 October, 2008

A while back, I decided I wanted to upgrade to a BlackBerry.  I prefer to communicate in writing rather than on the ‘phone, but find that I don’t communicate as much as I should because I can’t be arsed to get off the sofa and walk upstairs to my study and log on to my [...]

Dental damn

24 September, 2008

Yesterday I paid a long-overdue visit to the dentist.  I had been going to another dentist near my old office, but I stopped giving them the benefit of my extensive custom following certain ‘billing disagreements’ over what turned into several hundred dollars worth of ‘cleaning’ (and I use the term ‘worth’ very loosely…).  I didn’t [...]

I’ll make you one in woodwork

7 September, 2008

I finally finished the desk I’ve been building all Summer.  I started it not long after the kids broke up for summer recess, and I promised myself I’d get it done in time for Finn starting the 4th grade.  As it turns out I over-ran by a couple of weeks, but a career in SAP [...]

Stairs: The Silent Killer

31 August, 2008

A couple of years ago, I bristled at a fellow employee berating me for running up the stairs at work and not using the handrail.  I argued that using stairs is something that we educated people should be trusted to be able to do without the need for further instruction or the helping hand of a [...]

Internetting as a Contact Sport

12 August, 2008

I’ve been avoiding the ‘social networking’ sites for a while now (I’m not exactly a social person at the best of times…) but recently I’ve started to feel a bit left out, as everyone else I know seems to be joining in, and my paranoia had me thinking that maybe it’s all some great club and [...]

Back in the Saddle

6 August, 2008

You have to admire their powers of persuasion. The project that was trying to pressgang me a while back have finally managed to second me onto their team. Officially I’m on an 80/20 split, but both projects think they are the 80% so my workload has increased from “Ridiculously busy” to “Sleep, what’s that?”. The [...]

More Rolling Than Coasting

23 July, 2008

I’m currently in Florida, on the second leg of a two-week family vacation.  We arranged this quite some time ago, and decided that we’d drive across as it would work out cheaper than flying.  Obviously I hadn’t counted for the rampant rise in gas prices, or the fact that the Explorer only gets around 17 [...]

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