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Tag: moonlighting

Self-publish and be damned

13 March, 2013

Way back in 2009 I thought it would be fun to write a book. The result of this ill-thought-out endeavor was Oracle User Productivity Kit 3.5, a technical reference to an obscure piece of software that myself and apparently three other people used. Although it didn’t sell particularly well (around 1,000 copies), it was a [...]


23 September, 2009

For U.S. bands, the traditional way they would know they had ‘made it’ was when they were featured on the cover of Rolling Stone (witness Cover of the Rolling Stone, by Dr. Hook – yes, I’m embarrassed I know it, too…). For UK bands, it was when they performed on the now defunct Top Of [...]

My Glittering Second Career

22 May, 2008

I have a bad habit of writing in books.  Only textbooks, and only my own books, but it’s still a bad habit. I highlight key passages, make notes in the margins, and underline important concepts.  I even cross out bits I disagree with.  I know that you shouldn’t deface books (lord knows I had my knuckles [...]

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