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Tag: dentists

The Continued Americanization of Dirk

20 January, 2015

Call me a nationalist, but I’ve long held the belief that if you set up residence in a country, you should do your best to assimilate yourself into that country’s culture. Last time I lived in Belgium, even though I knew it probably wasn’t forever, I went to night school to study Flemish (Nog nu [...]

Dental damn

24 September, 2008

Yesterday I paid a long-overdue visit to the dentist.  I had been going to another dentist near my old office, but I stopped giving them the benefit of my extensive custom following certain ‘billing disagreements’ over what turned into several hundred dollars worth of ‘cleaning’ (and I use the term ‘worth’ very loosely…).  I didn’t [...]

America: Zero Tolerance

11 September, 2007

Americans must have zero tolerance for pain.  Last week I had one of my remaining two wisdom teeth extracted (the final one being so calcified over with bone that to remove it would mean cutting a hole in my jaw, which I didn’t fancy).  I scheduled my appointment for 8:00am to minimize the interruption to [...]

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