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Year: 2012

Interesting Pricing Policy

27 December, 2012

So it costs more to bu the virtual-only MP3 version than it does to buy the physical version?? Tweet Share this:

Thank god it’s only once every four years…*

2 November, 2012

Today I checked off another one of the tasks on my ‘Americanization’ list (note how I used a zee there!) by voting in a presidential election – a right conferred upon only U.S. Citizens (I naturalized in 2009), and only taken away if you’re a convicted felon (which I’m not). But as noted in previous [...]

Google Auto-racism!

16 October, 2012

Outstanding job by Google Translate: “Negerlijst” in Dutch (blacklist) is translated to “Nigger List”! Tweet Share this:

Fun With Servers – Part 1*

14 September, 2012

A couple of years ago, for the fun of it, I wrote a book on UPK 3.5. The latest version of UPK (11.1) has now been available for several months, and although my current client doesn’t have it yet, I keep getting asked for an update to my book. Also, in the spirit of being [...]

Welcome to the wonderful world of consulting

17 August, 2012

Good job Outlook is there to remind me how crappy the world of consulting really is… Tweet Share this:

Who would break a butterfly on a wheel?

23 July, 2012

Recently I moved back to my old work location, which is significantly closer to home. Ten miles, to be exact. Last time I worked at this particular location I got into the habit of cycling to work, and thought it might be nice to start cycling in again – especially as there’s rumor they may [...]

Love just ain’t enough

9 May, 2012

So the people of North Carolina have voted to ban same-sex marriage. Well bravo for bigotry. In fact, the people of North Carolina have done more than just ban it. Same-sex marriage has been illegal in North Carolina for the past 16 years; this vote just makes it that much harder to ever get it [...]

So much for being ‘with it’

9 April, 2012

Five years of Last.FM tracking my every listen, and I’m still pretty consistent: Tweet Share this:

eCommerce at its finest

2 March, 2012

Nothing suggests a hurriedly-implemented web presence like invoices that still use the boilerplate text. This from Tweet Share this:

Democracy: Too important to be left to the people

28 February, 2012

There was a report in the newspaper recently on a bridge in Slovakia being named after Chuck Norris. Apparently local officials had put it to a popular vote, and (at the time of writing) 74% of people had voted to call it the Chuck Norris Bridge, outvoting a local historical figure by a huge margin. [...]

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