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Safety is in the eye of the beholder

11 November, 2008

Today, I attended the mandatory hour-and-a-half ‘newcomer’ safety training for my current work location.  I’ve actually been here at this location for three months already, but I wasn’t able to attend the last quarterly conduct because I was too busy actually doing my damn job (I was on a site visit at another location).  I also learned [...]

Stairs: The Silent Killer

31 August, 2008

A couple of years ago, I bristled at a fellow employee berating me for running up the stairs at work and not using the handrail.  I argued that using stairs is something that we educated people should be trusted to be able to do without the need for further instruction or the helping hand of a [...]

Refining my appearance

29 June, 2008

After four months on my new project, I finally got the chance to travel beyond my cubicle.  All the way to our refinery at ‘beautiful’ Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  We’re implementing (among other things) a new dock management system, and I had to go and train some of the users on how to use it. The [...]

Wow, I feel safer already!

3 October, 2006

Well, that’s another near-death experience narrowly avoided.  Someone from PC Support just came round to my desk and started fiddling around the back of my PC.  I asked him what he was doing, and he pointed out that he had been ‘disabling’ the voltage selector on the back of the PC.  [For the uninitiated, most [...]

Protect Me I’m Stupid

2 June, 2005

I work for a company that prides itself on its safety-conscious attitude. This is generally a good thing, but sometimes they can push it too far.  Case in point: I recently had a run-in with one of their over-zealous, self-appointed ‘safety enforcers’.  It was about 7am and I was just going into work.  I crossed [...]

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