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Year: 2006

1,000km of Solitude

6 December, 2006

Today, I again cycled into work and back.  The commute in was fine, albeit pitch black, but on the way home (also pitch black), the heavens opened – and just when I was half a kilometer from the nearest shelter so I couldn’t even take refuge whilst I pulled the rain cover over my CamelBak. Within [...]

Anyone for a quick game of scrobble?

23 November, 2006

Ever since I got my iPod I’ve wanted to find a way to list my ‘recently played’ tracks on this Blogsite.  There are a few WordPress plugins and widgets that claim to do this, but they all seemed overly-complicated, requiring additional e-mail accounts, modified server permissions, and god knows what else.  So what with having [...]

Best-selling vs. Best

19 November, 2006

This week another chart/list is published.  Television music channel VH1 has compiled a list of the  ‘Best-sold UK Albums of All Time’.   Compiling such lists seems to have become a major preoccupation with the music press over the last couple of years – something I can only attribute to lazy journalism (and the main reason [...]

iTunes Saved The Radio Star

12 November, 2006

Another month, another 10 free downloads from the iTunes Store courtesy of Belgacom.  Last month I went for building the perfect compilation from my youth.  This month I took a diffferent approach. Regular readers will know that I listen to 3wk Internet Radio quite a lot.  Whenever I hear something I really like, I make a [...]

Hangin’ On The Telephone

10 November, 2006

OK, today’s pet peeve is the piped music you get when you’re put on hold on the telephone.  I’m in work, it’s 2:15 AM, and we’re working a serious system issue.  There are about two dozen of us, physically located everywhere from Guatemala through USA to Belgium, and several points inbetween, and all on the [...]

Terrorism begins at home

27 October, 2006

There was a report in the UK’s Guardian Online a couple of weeks ago about Anthony Garcia who is currently on trial in England for ‘conspiracy to cause explosions’ under the terrorism laws.  One of the pieces of evidence against him was that he had attended an Al-Qaeda training camp in Pakistan.  But in his [...]

Wow, I feel safer already!

3 October, 2006

Well, that’s another near-death experience narrowly avoided.  Someone from PC Support just came round to my desk and started fiddling around the back of my PC.  I asked him what he was doing, and he pointed out that he had been ‘disabling’ the voltage selector on the back of the PC.  [For the uninitiated, most [...]

The Best Free Compilation From My Youth…Ever! (Plus One)

16 September, 2006

Although I’m an iPod owner, and an avid iTunes user, until this morning I’d never downloaded a song from the Apple Music Store (or anywhere else for that matter).  Call me old-school, but I like having the CDs.  I do have all of my CDs ripped to my iPod, and some I’ve never even heard straight [...]

Morrissey, Ancienne Belgique

28 August, 2006

I’m a huge Smiths fan.  A British music journalist once said: “I feel sorry for any new band, because no matter how good they are, they’ll never be The Smiths”, and I think he was right.  Unfortunately but the time I discovered The Smiths they had split.  (During their heyday they were the sole preserve [...]


27 August, 2006

Last weekend I went to the PukkelPop music festival here in Belgium.  In part this was because a good buddy of mine (Peter) was going and insisted I’d have a great time, and in part because I wanted to convince myself – having recently passed the 40 mark – that I am not too old to go [...]

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