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Year: 2010

Google Predictive Search

31 December, 2010

Funny what people are searching for. This is what Google Predictive Search gives you when you start typing a search starting with “is “. Interesting that the possibility of Facebook being down is the most significant concern facing mankind today. Plus, I know Lady Gaga is far from being the prize pig, but still… Tweet [...]

Warehouse becomes a home

29 December, 2010

As the year closes, so does another project. For the past two-and-a-half years, I’ve been working on implementing a new SAP-based warehousing system at my long-standing client. This has been my seventh SAP project, but probably the one I have enjoyed the most. This has been largely due to the fact that I have been [...]

Dylan – The Original Mono Recordings

8 November, 2010

Bob Dylan – The Original Mono Recordings Is it excessive that I now have 3 versions of some of Dylan’s albums – CD, remastered CD, and now mono CD? (and a full 70 albums in total). Expensive, but worth every cent. And to give Columbia credit, they included a code to download the entire box [...]


27 October, 2010

There’s been a lot of press recently regarding the ‘death of the CD’. (Actually, it started a couple of years ago, but seems to have gained momentum in the past month or so.) CD sales are in a continued state of decline, and everyone seems to be blaming downloads (which are at least on the [...]


13 October, 2010

Back in the day (like 30 years ago!) I was a big Heavy Metal fan. This was during “the golden age”, around the time that the NWOBHM was starting to garner some attention. Iron Maiden were riding high, and we also had Saxon, Judas Priest, UFO, and the first Def Leppard album. But the band [...]

Common Search Terms

22 September, 2010

Interesting. Here’s a chart of the most common search terms that land people on this site. Clearly a lot of people dissatisfied with AT&T, but at least I’m not getting as many of the goat blowing ones these days… Tweet Share this:


20 September, 2010

Interesting article in USA Today, today, on Medicare/Medicaid (i.e. health benefit) fraud, and new measures – including fingerprinting – being proposed to support it. What’s interesting is that this is fraud by the providers and not the consumers – billing (the Government) for procedures not performed, equipment not used, etc.). This is a strong argument [...]


19 September, 2010

Justin Bieber (16) says he is “enjoying the single life”. WTF? I didn’t get a regular girlfriend until I was 19…why should he expect to get one any sooner? Just because of his ridiculous hair?? Tweet Share this:

Asset Retirement vs. Depreciation

10 September, 2010

Maybe it’s an age thing, but recently I’ve noticed that a lot of my fellow workers (or at least the full-time employees) are starting to talk about how long they’ve got until retirement. Like seriously talking about it, even though it’s 11 years away or something. They’ve probably got countdown apps on their iPhones that [...]

They should rename it the Hindrance-Desk

24 August, 2010

As Training Lead, one of my responsibilities is to provide User Procedures for the system we’re implementing. Because users have a nasty habit of taking my official global User Procedures and changing them to match what they want to do, I publish them in Adobe PDF format. And because I generate all of the User [...]

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