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Tag: food

Turning Japanese #1: Food

10 February, 2009

My current project is implementing a new SAP system at some of our warehouses in the U.S, Japan, and Europe. When I joined the project I relished the possibility of going to Japan – I’d only been here once before, for a mere 24 hours, in transit from Singapore to Houston, so the possibility of a longer [...]

Refining my appearance

29 June, 2008

After four months on my new project, I finally got the chance to travel beyond my cubicle.  All the way to our refinery at ‘beautiful’ Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  We’re implementing (among other things) a new dock management system, and I had to go and train some of the users on how to use it. The [...]

Gimme Back My Donuts

28 April, 2008

Apparently my social skills aren’t quite as refined as I thought they were.  I thought I’d been rather convincing as a ‘regular guy’ when I accompanied Finn on his last scout weekend away, but he just had another one, and this time the wife announced that she’d be taking Finn, and not me.  Actually it may not be entirely [...]

The Bible Was Wrong*

16 July, 2007

The in-laws are currently visiting, so I thought I may as well take a week’s vacation (first one since we went to Spain in 2005, I think…) and go somewhere interesting.  ‘Interesting’ turned out to be Memphis, Tennessee.  “Why Memphis??” everyone here in Houston asked.  “Why Memphis??” everyone in Memphis asked.  I’d like to think [...]

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