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Tag: travel

Hipsters are pants

11 August, 2013

Last week, whilst my kids were ‘enjoying’ their mom’s summer possession period, I thought I’d take my mind off it by taking a long weekend away with the gf. We wanted to go somewhere that neither of us had been, and eventually settled on Seattle, WA as a suitable destination. We reasoned that Seattle had [...]

Rental Case

19 February, 2011

Last summer I was fortunate enough to be sent on a six-week trip to Europe, courtesy of the project I was working on. Well, I would have considered myself fortunate were it not for the facts that (1) this was Rotterdam – not known for being one of the beauty-capitals of the world, and (2) [...]

Soul Training

7 May, 2010

I’m two weeks into an eight-week residency in ‘beautiful’ Port Allen, Louisiana. For those not up to speed on their American cities and states, Port Allen is on the other side of the Mississippi from ‘beautiful’ Baton Rouge (and about an hour up the coast from New Orleans – you’ve heard of that, right?). Both [...]

Farewell Tour

7 May, 2009

I’ve just finished my latest work assignment – three years doing the documentation, training, change management and knowledge management for an implementation of SAP Retail.  It was a really interesting project, and I’ve learnt more about retail operations than any sensible person would want to know.  Being a contractor, it’s inevitable that at the end [...]

Turning Japanese #1: Food

10 February, 2009

My current project is implementing a new SAP system at some of our warehouses in the U.S, Japan, and Europe. When I joined the project I relished the possibility of going to Japan – I’d only been here once before, for a mere 24 hours, in transit from Singapore to Houston, so the possibility of a longer [...]

You are not free to roam…

21 January, 2009

I recently bit the bullet and bought the BlackBerry Bold I’d coveted for so long.  One of the primary drivers was that I’m due to spend a fair bit of time in Japan this year, and I wanted a phone that I could use over there.  My first trip is fast approaching (next week), and as [...]

Refining my appearance

29 June, 2008

After four months on my new project, I finally got the chance to travel beyond my cubicle.  All the way to our refinery at ‘beautiful’ Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  We’re implementing (among other things) a new dock management system, and I had to go and train some of the users on how to use it. The [...]

Another Week, Another Country

21 October, 2007

Hot on the heels of my trip to Manchester a couple of weeks ago, I spent last week in Guatemala, on another business trip.  This time it was for a workshop on change management, with a bit of knowledge management thrown in for good measure (it’s difficult to do the former well, without having the [...]

Black Boys on Mopeds

5 October, 2007

I’m in Manchester (England, not North Carolina) for the week, facilitating a Knowledge Management workshop.  For those not in the know, Knowledge Management basically involves defining and implementing a strategy for capturing an organization’s knowledge (which may be on LANs, paper, individual PCs, or in people’s brains), organizing this so that the information can easily [...]

Fear and More Fear in Central America

21 April, 2006

I’m in Honduras. Ostensibly to deliver a training course I developed, but I’m also taking advantage of the opportunity to witness the implementation of our new system at one of our convenience stores. What initial visions I had of seeing a bit of the country rapidly disappeared when my contact over here advised me (before [...]

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