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Tag: education

All good character-building stuff

5 May, 2009

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am in life (probably a mid-life crisis thing) and about my schooldays (probably because I’ve been in touch with a few of my old ‘schoolchums’, recently), but mainly about the correlation between the two. I’ve aways credited my school – the Duke of York’s Royal Military School – [...]

World class what, now?

12 February, 2006

So, my kids’ school is closing down.  I don’t want to get all concerned-parent-launches-Save-Our-Schools-campaign, but there are certain aspects to this that really burn my ass.  The school (The British Primary School, in Vossem (near Brussels) in Belgium) has been running for thirty years.  Last year the original (and now aged) founders decided that it [...]

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