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Tag: money

Antisocial Insecurity

13 July, 2017

I know people claiming social security are sometimes seen as jobless spongers who are just too lazy to get a job, but based on my recent experience, getting the Social Security Administration to actually give you money is more work than an actual job. Allow me to explain. For reasons we don’t need to get [...]

Owen Anderson is a Crook – Official!

13 December, 2009

One of the things about being an ‘independent’ contractor/consultant is that everyone assumes that you have loads of money.  Sure, you may get a bit more in your pay packet than Johnny Punchclock, but there are a lot more factors to take into consideration – things that a salaried employee’s company shells out for. One [...]

Stimulate, my arse!

7 July, 2008

Over here in God’s Chosen Country™, the economy is going down the pan.  You can see it on the news, sense it on the streets, and feel it in in your wallet.  Everything is more expensive, from gas to a gallon of milk (or from petrol to a pint of milk, if you prefer) so [...]

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