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19 February, 2014

Back in the ’80s when The Smiths were a going concern I was going through my heavy metal phase, and they completely passed me by, dismissed as “something for the cool kids” (one of which I most certainly was not). Many years later, in college (and quite possibly thanks to the girl I was dating) [...]

Self-publish and be damned

13 March, 2013

Way back in 2009 I thought it would be fun to write a book. The result of this ill-thought-out endeavor was Oracle User Productivity Kit 3.5, a technical reference to an obscure piece of software that myself and apparently three other people used. Although it didn’t sell particularly well (around 1,000 copies), it was a [...]

Fire Eyed Boy

22 December, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I took delivery of my latest toy – a Kindle Fire. I’d been eyeing Kindles for a while, and the combination of an ‘expanded functionality’ e-reader (I don’t know that I’d call it a full tablet PC) and a price point of $199.00 (and me having $199.00 worth of Amex [...]


23 September, 2009

For U.S. bands, the traditional way they would know they had ‘made it’ was when they were featured on the cover of Rolling Stone (witness Cover of the Rolling Stone, by Dr. Hook – yes, I’m embarrassed I know it, too…). For UK bands, it was when they performed on the now defunct Top Of [...]

The world may be flat, but it still takes too long to fly across it

26 February, 2008

Much as I dislike air travel (now that the ‘improved’ security measures have made it such a miserable, demeaning experience), the long intercontinental flights do have one advantage: I get to read for eight hours straight. On a recent trip back to Blightly, I finally finished reading Steven Thomas Friedmann’s The World Is Flat Release 2.0 (that’s “Second [...]

Southern Discomfort

12 December, 2007

After seeing The Road to Psychedelia at the Black Angels gig, I felt compelled to dig into Janis Joplin a bit more.  So I ripped my wife’s 3-CD boxed set Janis onto my iPod, and dusted off my copy of Myra Friedman’s book Buried Alive.  I’d bought the book almost ten years ago during a spending spree [...]

When The Music’s Over…lyrics ain’t poems

28 March, 2007

I just finished reading Danny Sugarman’s biography of Jim Morrisson, No-One Here Gets Out Alive.  It’s quite a few years old, but Jim’s been dead since before the book was written (even so, this is the second edition), so I reasoned that I probably wasn’t missing much. I enjoy reading biographies and autobiographies of the [...]

Disowning Dumbing-down

5 March, 2007

I swore I’d never do this, but I’ve been suckered into reading ‘management’ self-improvement books.  Last week I saw a copy of the ubiquitous Who Moved My Cheese? on a colleague’s desk, and scoffed at the ‘wacky’ title.  “Well, have you read it?” he asked.  Um, no.  “Well, it’s about managing change.  As you’re in Change [...]

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