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(Not-so-)instant “car”ma’s gonna get you…

18 September, 2016

So, although – as I suspected – switching to a new, subdued gray car from a bright yellow one has significantly reduced the number of speeding tickets I get (none in the two years I’ve had it, vs. one a year in the yellow car), it does seem to have increased the number of people [...]

He gets pulled over by the police, but you’ll never believe what happened next!

21 February, 2016

Well, I guess it was inevitable, but I finally earned myself another traffic ticket. This is almost 3 years after my last ticket, which is a personal record, so I guess I can’t complain. But, surprise, surprise, it wasn’t for speeding! Which itself is a minor miracle, as I was going 85 mph as I [...]

I can only receive; I can listen to you

14 September, 2014

So I finally bought myself a new car. And a new, new car at that; it had exactly 2 miles on the clock when I bought it. This is the first car (out of 9) that I’ve bought that wasn’t pre-owned. It will probably also be the only new car I buy, as I intend [...]

Hit (it) from behind

22 May, 2009

I guess it had to happen sooner or later, but I was finally involved in a car accident on the I-10. And no, it wasn’t my fault. I was driving home after a particularly stressful day at work (where I had to berate one of my direct reports for falling asleep at his desk – [...]

Who’s rap-rapping at my door?

17 June, 2008

…It’s the Three not-so-Little Pigs! I’m on a bit of a fitness kick at the moment, owing to our renewed membership of the area swimming pool and a complete unwillingness to change my diet.  I’ve been out jogging a couple of times, and I’m trying to get back into cycling.  So when I needed to [...]

They’re not “just doing their job” – they’re scamming us

6 December, 2007

So last week, coming back from the Black Angels gig, I got pulled over by the police.  I shouldn’t be surprised – I seem to average one ticket a year, and I’d made it to December (actually, November 30th) without getting a ticket so it was about time.  What was a surprise is that this [...]

Road – it’s all the rage!

11 May, 2007

This commute is killing me.  A couple of nights ago it took me an hour and 40 minutes to get home from work.  For a 20-mile journey, on a single stretch of motorway – the infamous I-10 (a.k.a. the Katy Freeway).  That’s an average of 12 mph – which just shows that the police are [...]

No, really, they are are out to get me…

9 March, 2006

My car sprang a fairly serious oil leak (to the point where it was getting through oil faster than petrol, and I was leaving a trail all down the road).  I’d noticed the oil light flashing on and off when I drove into work on Friday morning.  So I topped it up with a gallon [...]

The Joy of Driving (Or Not)…Belgian Style

3 May, 2005

Nowadays, a car is pretty much a necessity.  And just about everyone here in Belgium has one.  So why do the Belgians make getting a car on the road such a difficult, lengthy, and truly exasperating process?  Here’s what I had to go through… When you buy a car (even a second hand one – [...]

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