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Tag: medical

Who’s got my back?

30 January, 2012

Recently I’ve been enjoying my new-found status as a single person. It’s truly liberating to not have to think about what your ‘significant other’ wants to do, or thinks, or might react to what you want to do, or think. Sure, there are some elements of a stable relationship (with someone stable) that I miss, [...]

Asset Retirement vs. Depreciation

10 September, 2010

Maybe it’s an age thing, but recently I’ve noticed that a lot of my fellow workers (or at least the full-time employees) are starting to talk about how long they’ve got until retirement. Like seriously talking about it, even though it’s 11 years away or something. They’ve probably got countdown apps on their iPhones that [...]

Corporate America is taking the piss

1 April, 2010

As a contractor, I’ve been fortunate to work for the same client for some 16 years. Admittedly this has actually been for six different legal entities, and via four different agencies / consulting companies, but always for the same corporation. During those years, I like to think that I’ve built up a good reputation as a solid, [...]

Dental damn

24 September, 2008

Yesterday I paid a long-overdue visit to the dentist.  I had been going to another dentist near my old office, but I stopped giving them the benefit of my extensive custom following certain ‘billing disagreements’ over what turned into several hundred dollars worth of ‘cleaning’ (and I use the term ‘worth’ very loosely…).  I didn’t [...]

Wart: A Palaver

2 May, 2008

I’m currently bed-ridden. Or at least sofa-ridden. Yesterday I underwent major surgery and I’m now convalescing at home. Actually, major surgery may be stretching it a bit – I had a verruca (or plantar wart, as they call them here) removed. But for all the palaver they made over it, it may as well have [...]

America: Zero Tolerance

11 September, 2007

Americans must have zero tolerance for pain.  Last week I had one of my remaining two wisdom teeth extracted (the final one being so calcified over with bone that to remove it would mean cutting a hole in my jaw, which I didn’t fancy).  I scheduled my appointment for 8:00am to minimize the interruption to [...]

Paranoid? Sure, without Little Dirk to look out for me now…

4 July, 2007

Today is the 4th July, which is a public holiday here in the U.S. (officially, it’s Independence Day, although everyone just calls it “4th July” which makes me think they’ve forgotten exactly what they are celebrating).  It’s probably the biggest public holiday of the year, which means that just about everything grinds to a halt.  Except [...]

Devaluing the family jewels

1 July, 2005

Yesterday, one of my schoolboy fantasies finally came true and I found myself naked on a bed while two nurses (actually, a nurse and a female doctor) attended to my nether regions.  Unfortunately, as I was in hospital getting a vasectomy, my fantasy rapidly came to a screeching halt – just about the time they [...]

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