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Year: 2011

Fire Eyed Boy

22 December, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I took delivery of my latest toy – a Kindle Fire. I’d been eyeing Kindles for a while, and the combination of an ‘expanded functionality’ e-reader (I don’t know that I’d call it a full tablet PC) and a price point of $199.00 (and me having $199.00 worth of Amex [...]

Hot Doughnuts Two Hours Ago

20 December, 2011

New Krispy Kreme storefinder app shows you when the Hot Doughnuts Now sign is on at your ‘local’ Krispy Kreme store: Do you think the light will still be list by then time I’ve driven the 126 miles?? Tweet Share this:

Worldwide outbreak of arrogance

3 December, 2011

Just noticed this on Facebook: “Worldwide (Excluding U.S. and Canada)”?? Well it’s not worldwide, then, is it? Bit like the World holding a Mr. Universe competition – a bit presumptuous, no? Tweet Share this:

How Local is Online?

3 November, 2011

OK, I know websites try to serve up relevant advertisements, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Here, I was searching for online episodes of The Office, and I handily get an advert for inviting me to search for “online” stuff locally (see third advert). But really, how local is online?? Tweet Share this:

In Memory of Steve Jobs

20 October, 2011

No wonder there’s not enough memory – iTunes is hogging it all. And this on a machine with 8 GB of main memory. Damn bloatware. Tweet Share this:

Rise Above The Flamewars

12 October, 2011

Commenters on Stereogum rise above the usual flamewars: Tweet Share this:

Old Age Is Just Around The Bend

11 October, 2011

Since my divorce, my social life has opened up again (they don’t call them a ball-and-chain for nothing…). Actually, it has really ‘had the ability’ to open up, because I haven’t actually done anything. The point is that I could have. If I’d wanted to. This week I finally decided that it was time to [...]

Learning from The Decemberists

3 October, 2011

Rock’s most erudite lyricist. 10 new (old) words courtesy of The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy: Palanquin (The Infanta) – A covered seat on poles carried by bearers Dirigible (Sons & Daughters) – An airship Fontanelle (The Crane Wife 1 & 2) – any of the spaces closed by membranous structures between the uncompleted angles of the [...]

Evacuation Desperation

28 September, 2011

At work, we are in the middle of a critical (to me…) stage in the project – training development. It’s now the training team’s time to shine, and because all of the prior activities (build, data loading, testing) have over-run their time, we’re being really squeezed on how much time we have left to deliver [...]

My varied music tastes

26 July, 2011

My most common genres according to iTunes: Alternative Alternative Rock Alt. Rock Alternative & Punk Alternative/Punk Alt/Punk Avant Rock College Alternative Rock General Alternative Indie Indie Rock Indie Pop Post Rock Post Punk Never knew my taste was so wide-ranging… Tweet Share this:

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