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Tag: technology

Connect The Dots

19 October, 2017

So the market for voice-controlled ‘smart speakers’ for your home has picked up in the past year or so, with Amazon’s Echo devices, Google Home, and no doubt some Siri-enabled thing from Apple in the near future. Although I’m usually quick to jump on any technological bandwagon, I’ve been keeping away from this one thus [...]

Watch Out. Band On The Run

30 September, 2016

Well, I’ve only had it about 18 months, but my Fitbit Surge has effectively died on me. Well, died is probably a bit harsh as technically it still works for its primary intended purpose (tracking exercise), but first the bit between the notches on the band broke giving me the option of one big notch [...]

Netflix and…freak out

13 December, 2015

I’ve never really bought into the whole Netflix thing. Partly because I refuse to pay to stream stuff that is already available on demand (which most of Netflix’s (non-original) content is), and partly because I just don’t watch enough TV to justify it. But my two eldest have become avid users – my daughter mooching [...]

A Surge in My Sleep

26 April, 2015

Well, I’ve finally become one of those people who irritate me. Actually, a lot of people irritate me, so let me narrow that down. I’ve become one of those irritating people who’re constantly mumbling about keeping their step-count up, and comparing their calorie ‘burn rate’ with their friends. (Although to be fair I don’t do [...]

They’re (not) planting stories in the press

5 October, 2014

Regular readers of Interrobang (‽) (OK, indulge me – pretend that there are some) will know that I am a dedicated (and unashamed) BlackBerry user. This used to be out of pure practicality – I communicate a lot via email, and my first BlackBerry, the pre-iPhone Bold, was the first ‘global’ smartphone to offer multiple [...]

Big Daddy is Glympsing

9 March, 2014

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of BlackBerry. Yes, I know that BlackBerry are currently unfashionable and it’s apparently (judging by the media) the ‘in thing’ to bash BlackBerry at the moment, but I’ve been using their phones for the last 5 or 6 years, and I’ve always been happy with them. That said, [...]

I like small speakers, I like tall speakers

6 January, 2014

I’m not usually one to tout products, but I got myself a pair of JayBird BlueBuds X Sport for the gym, and they’re pretty damn good, so I thought I’d pass on a good word. Whenever I’m on the treadmill, I like to listen to music. Not that it is necessarily in time with my [...]

BlackBerry Crumble

19 November, 2013

Last week my beloved BlackBerry Z10 bricked on me. I have no idea why, but after the alarm waking me up as normal (and switching on my Sonos system and playing NPR automatically), the red notification light started blinking almost constantly and I couldn’t get it to power on. I tried a battery pull, recharging [...]

Apple Turnover

23 June, 2013

Despite having rented houses ever since I left England (some 20 years ago), every so often I think about how nice it would be to own my own home. Not because I think renting is money down the drain (although it is) or that I want to ‘put down roots’, or any of the usual [...]

Buying music not the medium

13 January, 2013

For several years now, I’ve been complaining about the need to pay twice for music if you want it in multiple formats. For example, I’ve got a reasonable selection of vinyl, but when CDs came out, they told us that we needed to upgrade to CDs for ‘superior quality’. (And now, ironically, they are marketing [...]

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