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Tag: paranoia

Who’s got my back?

30 January, 2012

Recently I’ve been enjoying my new-found status as a single person. It’s truly liberating to not have to think about what your ‘significant other’ wants to do, or thinks, or might react to what you want to do, or think. Sure, there are some elements of a stable relationship (with someone stable) that I miss, [...]

Workplace efficiency plumbs new depths

14 January, 2008

I wouldn’t exactly say I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but I do like routine.  I like to get to work at roughly the same time (give or take a couple of minutes) every day, and leave at the same time.  I listen to the same radio station in the car, write with the same pen [...]

Paranoid? Sure, without Little Dirk to look out for me now…

4 July, 2007

Today is the 4th July, which is a public holiday here in the U.S. (officially, it’s Independence Day, although everyone just calls it “4th July” which makes me think they’ve forgotten exactly what they are celebrating).  It’s probably the biggest public holiday of the year, which means that just about everything grinds to a halt.  Except [...]

Terrorism begins at home

27 October, 2006

There was a report in the UK’s Guardian Online a couple of weeks ago about Anthony Garcia who is currently on trial in England for ‘conspiracy to cause explosions’ under the terrorism laws.  One of the pieces of evidence against him was that he had attended an Al-Qaeda training camp in Pakistan.  But in his [...]

No, really, they are are out to get me…

9 March, 2006

My car sprang a fairly serious oil leak (to the point where it was getting through oil faster than petrol, and I was leaving a trail all down the road).  I’d noticed the oil light flashing on and off when I drove into work on Friday morning.  So I topped it up with a gallon [...]

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