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Tag: nostalgia

About 30 years and a plastic cover to you, chief!

10 September, 2015

I’m regressing. For the past several years I have resolutely continued to buy CDs, even though I very rarely play them – I just rip them to my home server and stream them from there (plus load the MP3s to the 128gb removable SD card in my Blackberry (suck it, Crapple fanboys!) so I can [...]

Beginning To See The Light

30 November, 2007

OK, maybe it’s time to admit that I’m finally too old for all of this.  Last night I went to see another band – The Black Angels – and I’m starting to feel like I don’t belong.  It’s not the music.  The band were excellent, and I was shuffling along as enthusiastically as the next [...]

This Lost Boy, Back From the Wilderness…

10 August, 2007

Many years ago (1988), I took my girlfriend-at-the-time to see Roy Harper play live.  He was supported by a young singer/songwriter/guitarist called James Varda.  The gig was excellent, and I was so impressed with James Varda, that I bought his debut LP, Hunger (direct from the record label , as HMV didn’t carry it).  It didn’t disappoint, [...]

Still got game

8 June, 2007

A couple of days ago I was rummaging around in one of the many boxes of crap piled up in my study, when I found my old Nintendo Donkey Kong game (you know, the old orange clam-shell one).  I don’t know why I’ve still got it – maybe out of sentimental gratitude for all the dull church [...]

Raising the (Chocolate) Bar

8 May, 2007

For some reason I’ve got this real craving for Toffos.  Unfortunately, being some 10,000 miles from the nearest packet, it’s likely to remain unsatiated.  Despite globalization and the flattening of the world, some things just don’t seem to travel intercontinentally – and sweets (candy, snoep, what you will) seems to be one of them.  Although there’s [...]

The Best Free Compilation From My Youth…Ever! (Plus One)

16 September, 2006

Although I’m an iPod owner, and an avid iTunes user, until this morning I’d never downloaded a song from the Apple Music Store (or anywhere else for that matter).  Call me old-school, but I like having the CDs.  I do have all of my CDs ripped to my iPod, and some I’ve never even heard straight [...]

Out Of Control In The Temple Of Love

10 December, 2005

I recently invested in the Joy Division four-CD boxed set Heart and Soul.  Prior to this, the only thing I’d ever heard by Joy Division was the ‘hit’ single Love Will Tear Us Apart – which is OK, but not exactly There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. But Joy Division have been given [...]

“But what do I do with my old ’78s?”

20 July, 2005

I just bought myself a new turntable (that’s a ‘gramophone’ to you, Grandad). My old one (an Ariston Q Deck) had stopped working (actually it never started working again after a 10-year hiatus in storage) and although I haven’t bought any vinyl in years (not that anywhere sells it any more even if I wanted [...]

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