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Tag: cycling

I like small speakers, I like tall speakers

6 January, 2014

I’m not usually one to tout products, but I got myself a pair of JayBird BlueBuds X Sport for the gym, and they’re pretty damn good, so I thought I’d pass on a good word. Whenever I’m on the treadmill, I like to listen to music. Not that it is necessarily in time with my [...]

Peddling my Wheres

29 October, 2013

Last week, my car started getting through antifreeze faster than it was getting through gas; I’d fill up the radiator and before I’d gone a couple of miles the Radiator light was on and I’d left a trail of blue liquid all up and down the road. This being Texas, there’s ample opportunity to overheat, [...]

A yearly cycle

2 January, 2013

I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions (on account of my life being so perfect already), but I’ve been meaning to start cycling into work again when I get the opportunity. Today that opportunity arose, so given that this is the first work day of the new year, I’m claiming this as my new [...]

Who would break a butterfly on a wheel?

23 July, 2012

Recently I moved back to my old work location, which is significantly closer to home. Ten miles, to be exact. Last time I worked at this particular location I got into the habit of cycling to work, and thought it might be nice to start cycling in again – especially as there’s rumor they may [...]

Back in the Saddle

6 August, 2008

You have to admire their powers of persuasion. The project that was trying to pressgang me a while back have finally managed to second me onto their team. Officially I’m on an 80/20 split, but both projects think they are the 80% so my workload has increased from “Ridiculously busy” to “Sleep, what’s that?”. The [...]

1,000km of Solitude

6 December, 2006

Today, I again cycled into work and back.  The commute in was fine, albeit pitch black, but on the way home (also pitch black), the heavens opened – and just when I was half a kilometer from the nearest shelter so I couldn’t even take refuge whilst I pulled the rain cover over my CamelBak. Within [...]

Getting skin in the commuting game

4 August, 2006

Further to my last missive, I finally succeeded in biking to/from work.  Although (much like Finn learning to ride his bike without stabilizers) I didn’t really have much choice, as my car is in for repair.  The windscreen wipers stopped wiping, opting to emit a burning plastic smell instead, and when I took it to the [...]

Mid-life mountain-biking crisis

24 July, 2006

This weekend I treated myself to a new mountain bike.  My old one has been slowly dying on me and I finally decided I’d had enough when it shed a pedal 5km out from home, forcing me to walk all the way back. When I visited my local bicycle emporium (Robeet BikeStyle, in Tervuren) I was [...]

And not a ‘Hi-De-Hi’ within earshot

19 July, 2006

Last weekend we enjoyed a family holiday (4 days – does that count as a holiday?) at one of the CenterParcs here in Belgium (De Vossemeren).  We’ve never done one of these kind of places before (I think us Brits have a natural aversion to anything that even vaguely smells of a Butlins Holiday Camp), [...]

Sofa vs. Cycle: The Relative Merits

24 October, 2005

In a rash fit of positivity, we decided that we’d take a family bike ride this Sunday.  Maybe I was artificially stimulated by the purchase on Saturday of a new bike for the wife (even though we won’t pick it up until next week), and the fact that I finally repaired Finn’s bike which has [...]

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