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Connect The Dots

19 October, 2017

So the market for voice-controlled ‘smart speakers’ for your home has picked up in the past year or so, with Amazon’s Echo devices, Google Home, and no doubt some Siri-enabled thing from Apple in the near future. Although I’m usually quick to jump on any technological bandwagon, I’ve been keeping away from this one thus [...]

52 Reasons 2016 wasn’t a COMPLETE Bust

31 December, 2016

So, 2016. A veritable political shitfest, which I would be glad to see the back of were it not for the knowledge that the next four years will likely be even worse. But on the plus side, I did add another 52 albums to my music library, most of which will continue to bring me [...]

Silversun Pickups & Foals, Revention Center, Houston

2 May, 2016

So I thought it was about time I got my ageing indie kid on again, and took myself out to a gig. I think the last band I went to see was The Jackfields in DC back in 2004, so I’ve been keeping my eye on the local gig listings to see if anyone interesting [...]

Regression Analysis

28 December, 2015

For the past few years I’ve been running my ‘One-CD-a-Week’ campaign. It started out as a way to limit my music purchases, which were threatening to get out of hand, thanks to all the great music that was being released. But then some weeks last year (2014) I found myself desperately trying to find something [...]

About 30 years and a plastic cover to you, chief!

10 September, 2015

I’m regressing. For the past several years I have resolutely continued to buy CDs, even though I very rarely play them – I just rip them to my home server and stream them from there (plus load the MP3s to the 128gb removable SD card in my Blackberry (suck it, Crapple fanboys!) so I can [...]

New Adventures In Hi-Fi

12 April, 2015

Last week, my live-in lover became my live-out lover. After six wonderful months, followed by a couple of distinctly variable ones, we decided that all of us (me, her, my three kids) living together wasn’t in the best interests of our mental health and serenity, so we rolled back to the ‘last working version’, and [...]

Deck of C(ar)Ds

10 January, 2015

Last year I once again stuck to my ‘One-CD-a-Week’ campaign, regularly buying one album of (new) music each week of the year. This is my third year of doing this, and although I have picked up 52 new albums (actually, a little more as I didn’t count the handful (armful?) of CDs I picked up [...]

The Hope of the World

7 December, 2014

A few months ago, I got a new car (a 2015 Mazda CX-5). Among the many features that it offered through the in-dashboard display was Pandora connectivity. I’d never really bothered with any of the music streaming services, as I like to believe that I have better taste than some computer algorithm, and I have [...]


19 February, 2014

Back in the ’80s when The Smiths were a going concern I was going through my heavy metal phase, and they completely passed me by, dismissed as “something for the cool kids” (one of which I most certainly was not). Many years later, in college (and quite possibly thanks to the girl I was dating) [...]

Apple Turnover

23 June, 2013

Despite having rented houses ever since I left England (some 20 years ago), every so often I think about how nice it would be to own my own home. Not because I think renting is money down the drain (although it is) or that I want to ‘put down roots’, or any of the usual [...]

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