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Tag: internet

Netflix and…freak out

13 December, 2015

I’ve never really bought into the whole Netflix thing. Partly because I refuse to pay to stream stuff that is already available on demand (which most of Netflix’s (non-original) content is), and partly because I just don’t watch enough TV to justify it. But my two eldest have become avid users – my daughter mooching [...]

Apple Turnover

23 June, 2013

Despite having rented houses ever since I left England (some 20 years ago), every so often I think about how nice it would be to own my own home. Not because I think renting is money down the drain (although it is) or that I want to ‘put down roots’, or any of the usual [...]

Buying music not the medium

13 January, 2013

For several years now, I’ve been complaining about the need to pay twice for music if you want it in multiple formats. For example, I’ve got a reasonable selection of vinyl, but when CDs came out, they told us that we needed to upgrade to CDs for ‘superior quality’. (And now, ironically, they are marketing [...]

Got them ol’ Blu Ray blues

13 April, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, Twilight came out on video. Not that the I was eagerly awaiting its release or anything, but the wife was, which meant that I was facing a couple of hours watching a chick-flick if I expected to fulfil my ’conjugal rights’ later that night.  Still, I reasoned, it could be worse – it was a [...]

Internetting as a Contact Sport

12 August, 2008

I’ve been avoiding the ‘social networking’ sites for a while now (I’m not exactly a social person at the best of times…) but recently I’ve started to feel a bit left out, as everyone else I know seems to be joining in, and my paranoia had me thinking that maybe it’s all some great club and [...]

Seek And Ye Shall Find…Something Irrelevant

8 March, 2008

And you thought I made this stuff up…   A couple of posts ago I was bemoaning spam comments being posted to this blog, and posited a scenario where people were looking for videos of dwarves blowing goats and found my site by mistake.  Well, sure enough, it’s happened. I have some basic statistics software running against [...]

Pygmy-minded spammers really get my goat

20 February, 2008

I read an article about Facebook yesterday, where the author was concerned about its use for ‘targeted advertising’. It seems that FaceBook users are blithely listing their favorite films, books, bands, and foods, and stating their age, location, and a bunch of other ‘personal’ information, unaware of the fact that this information is being used to [...]

AT&T Are Shit

23 July, 2007

(Sorry, I can’t think of a witty title, because this just isn’t funny…) About a month ago, a representative from AT&T called round offering me their Uverse service free on a couple of month’s trial.  This is a combined cable TV and internet service, and although I already used AT&T’s DSL service for my internet [...]

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