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Tag: AT&T

Netflix and…freak out

13 December, 2015

I’ve never really bought into the whole Netflix thing. Partly because I refuse to pay to stream stuff that is already available on demand (which most of Netflix’s (non-original) content is), and partly because I just don’t watch enough TV to justify it. But my two eldest have become avid users – my daughter mooching [...]

You are not free to roam…

21 January, 2009

I recently bit the bullet and bought the BlackBerry Bold I’d coveted for so long.  One of the primary drivers was that I’m due to spend a fair bit of time in Japan this year, and I wanted a phone that I could use over there.  My first trip is fast approaching (next week), and as [...]

AT&T Suck Ass

10 October, 2008

A while back, I decided I wanted to upgrade to a BlackBerry.  I prefer to communicate in writing rather than on the ‘phone, but find that I don’t communicate as much as I should because I can’t be arsed to get off the sofa and walk upstairs to my study and log on to my [...]

AT&T Are Shit

23 July, 2007

(Sorry, I can’t think of a witty title, because this just isn’t funny…) About a month ago, a representative from AT&T called round offering me their Uverse service free on a couple of month’s trial.  This is a combined cable TV and internet service, and although I already used AT&T’s DSL service for my internet [...]

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