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Year: 2005

Beware When The Drums Stop…

22 December, 2005

I heard this week that Peter Hook, bass player with New Order, is putting together a new side-project.  This is to be – I can barely contain myself – a bassplayer supergroup!  Hooky will be teaming up with Mani Mountfield (ex Stone Roses) and Andy Rourke (ex Smiths) under the catchy monicker Freebass (maybe Bassic [...]

This Is Music…Don’t Make It About The Money

14 December, 2005

My mention of The Verve a couple of entries ago got me thinking about their demise.  They were a great band, and it’s a shame they called it a day. Personally, I blame it all on Allen Klein. Arguably, the peak of The Verve’s success was their hit single Bittersweet Symphony, which reached #2 in [...]

Tabling The Alcohol Issue

10 December, 2005

Last weekend I met up with a few of my old drinking buddies whom I haven’t seen in about eight years. (The recent demise of Ruth made me resolve to start catching up with my old friends before they’re gone.) I was a bit apprehensive at first, as the week before an old colleague of [...]

Out Of Control In The Temple Of Love

10 December, 2005

I recently invested in the Joy Division four-CD boxed set Heart and Soul.  Prior to this, the only thing I’d ever heard by Joy Division was the ‘hit’ single Love Will Tear Us Apart – which is OK, but not exactly There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. But Joy Division have been given [...]

Be Your Own Guide

3 December, 2005

Last week I picked up a copy of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s first album (B.R.M.C.). It’s a good couple of years old (2001), and I never bothered with it when it first came out, mainly because BRMC were described in several reviews as being very derivative of the Jesus and Mary Chain, and you [...]

Sofa vs. Cycle: The Relative Merits

24 October, 2005

In a rash fit of positivity, we decided that we’d take a family bike ride this Sunday.  Maybe I was artificially stimulated by the purchase on Saturday of a new bike for the wife (even though we won’t pick it up until next week), and the fact that I finally repaired Finn’s bike which has [...]

Four Wheels Good, Two Wheels Bad

19 September, 2005

Last Sunday was ‘Car Free Day’ here in Brussels.  This is the one day a year when all traffic (emergency vehicles and the ubiquitous police excepted) is banned from the city.  I think it’s to promote exercise, or reduce pollution, or something.  To give them credit, the Belgians fully embrace these kinds of initiatives, so [...]

He not busy being born…

3 September, 2005

This week another old (old established, not old aged) friend of mine died.    I hadn’t seen her in at least a couple of years – mainly because I have been living out of the country, but I still considered her a close friend. She’s the third one in the same group of friends who have [...]

RSS – Read Something Stupid

31 July, 2005

When I started this blog a couple of months back, I noticed that a number of other blogs offered RSS feeds. I didn’t really know what an RSS feed was at the time, but as everyone else had one, I wanted one too. (I’m such a child!) Actually, I just don’t like to leave a technological [...]

Refuse Fascism

28 July, 2005

Belgium prides itself on being one of the more forward-thinking countries when it comes to refuse collection and recycling.  This is commendable, but damn, if they don’t make it difficult.Firstly, the refuse collectors (dustbinmen, residential waste experts, whatever…) will only collect your standard household refuse if it is bagged in specific proprietary bags (with the [...]

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