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They should rename it the Hindrance-Desk

24 August, 2010

As Training Lead, one of my responsibilities is to provide User Procedures for the system we’re implementing. Because users have a nasty habit of taking my official global User Procedures and changing them to match what they want to do, I publish them in Adobe PDF format. And because I generate all of the User [...]

Who’s gonna ‘drive your home?

19 March, 2009

Just before Christmas my eldest managed to frag the hard drive on his laptop.  I’m not sure how he managed it (probably deliberately, to get out of doing his homework), but when you tried booting it up you’d just get an “Operating System not found” message.  Freya has an identical laptop (to avoid sibling rivalry) [...]

Technology: The Great Disabler

15 October, 2008

We’re pretty tight on security in this company.  Not quite Pentagon tight, but tight to the point where some buildings have X-ray machines and walk-thru metal detectors (although thankfully they don’t make you take your shoes off…).  Even so, every so often some bright spark in upper management decides to tighten things up a notch, [...]

Geek Tragedies

29 October, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, my PC died (again). This is a major catastrophe in our house, what with the kids and Webkins, and the wife and on-line shopping. In theory we can access the Internet via the PlayStation 3, but actually doing so is an exercise in exasperation – the browser window is either [...]

Radiohead Ate My PC

12 October, 2007

Unless you’ve just emerged from a coma (in which case you have probably have better things to do than read this ‘blog) you’ll no doubt be aware that Radiohead‘s latest album In Rainbows was released last Wednesday (10th October 2007). In typically contrary style, Radiohead have eschewed the traditional release approach, and have made the new [...]

Wow, I feel safer already!

3 October, 2006

Well, that’s another near-death experience narrowly avoided.  Someone from PC Support just came round to my desk and started fiddling around the back of my PC.  I asked him what he was doing, and he pointed out that he had been ‘disabling’ the voltage selector on the back of the PC.  [For the uninitiated, most [...]

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