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Tag: Sonos

Connect The Dots

19 October, 2017

So the market for voice-controlled ‘smart speakers’ for your home has picked up in the past year or so, with Amazon’s Echo devices, Google Home, and no doubt some Siri-enabled thing from Apple in the near future. Although I’m usually quick to jump on any technological bandwagon, I’ve been keeping away from this one thus [...]

New Adventures In Hi-Fi

12 April, 2015

Last week, my live-in lover became my live-out lover. After six wonderful months, followed by a couple of distinctly variable ones, we decided that all of us (me, her, my three kids) living together wasn’t in the best interests of our mental health and serenity, so we rolled back to the ‘last working version’, and [...]

The Hope of the World

7 December, 2014

A few months ago, I got a new car (a 2015 Mazda CX-5). Among the many features that it offered through the in-dashboard display was Pandora connectivity. I’d never really bothered with any of the music streaming services, as I like to believe that I have better taste than some computer algorithm, and I have [...]

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