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Tag: management

Blowing Chunks

18 January, 2011

I was in a workshop on training recently, delivering a session on curriculum development for my new project. Typically, because I’d joined the project late (having been tied up on my previous project, which refused to free me up), the existing project team had tried to do this bottom-up, by deciding on what they were [...]

My Life In The Underclass

16 October, 2009

After 18 months of development, my current project is finally being implemented at the first of ten scheduled sites.  This being a Warehouse Management project, the site is – obviously – a warehouse. Which means that most of our users are forklift drivers, plus a handful of ‘office-based’ supervisors, and a few gatekeepers. My training team (three including myself) [...]

“You’re my little puppy now”

6 June, 2008

What a week. For a minute back there, I thought I’d been human-trafficked.  It all started on Tuesday when I found out (from someone not even on the project) that the next phase of the project I joined only two months ago, and the phase on which I was scheduled to spend much of the [...]

Disowning Dumbing-down

5 March, 2007

I swore I’d never do this, but I’ve been suckered into reading ‘management’ self-improvement books.  Last week I saw a copy of the ubiquitous Who Moved My Cheese? on a colleague’s desk, and scoffed at the ‘wacky’ title.  “Well, have you read it?” he asked.  Um, no.  “Well, it’s about managing change.  As you’re in Change [...]

The Seven Swear-words of Successful Managers

4 June, 2006

We had a bit of a sketch at work, recently.  The developers had made some code changes to add new functionality that our users desperately wanted.  The change went in the night before a public holiday, which in retrospect wasn’t a great idea (especially as the programmer who made the change had flown back to [...]

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