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Year: 2007

Preaching Around The Bush

27 December, 2007

At the risk of triggering a Dixie Chicks-like backlash, I have to say that George W. Bush is an absolutely appalling public speaker.  I’m not saying I necessarily agree or disagree with his policies – as a non-US Citizen (albeit a Permanent Resident) I’m fairly ambivalent to the whole U.S. politics thing - but he really cannot speak [...]

Southern Discomfort

12 December, 2007

After seeing The Road to Psychedelia at the Black Angels gig, I felt compelled to dig into Janis Joplin a bit more.  So I ripped my wife’s 3-CD boxed set Janis onto my iPod, and dusted off my copy of Myra Friedman’s book Buried Alive.  I’d bought the book almost ten years ago during a spending spree [...]

They’re not “just doing their job” – they’re scamming us

6 December, 2007

So last week, coming back from the Black Angels gig, I got pulled over by the police.  I shouldn’t be surprised – I seem to average one ticket a year, and I’d made it to December (actually, November 30th) without getting a ticket so it was about time.  What was a surprise is that this [...]

Beginning To See The Light

30 November, 2007

OK, maybe it’s time to admit that I’m finally too old for all of this.  Last night I went to see another band – The Black Angels – and I’m starting to feel like I don’t belong.  It’s not the music.  The band were excellent, and I was shuffling along as enthusiastically as the next [...]

The Black Angels – The Warehouse, Houston

29 November, 2007

Despite having heard only a four-track EP by The Black Angels, I thought they’d probably be worth seeing live, so jumped at the chance when they came through Houston.  This was again at the Warehouse, but in a different/smaller room than the one I saw The Black Keys in – either that or they have remodeled [...]

A Year With Last FM

21 November, 2007

In a post a year ago I described a recently-published chart of ‘best ever’ albums that claimed to be the most accurate as it was based on historical sales.  I posited that a chart based on what people were actually listening to would be better, although this would be impossible to obtain. In that post, I hazarded [...]

Geek Tragedies

29 October, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, my PC died (again). This is a major catastrophe in our house, what with the kids and Webkins, and the wife and on-line shopping. In theory we can access the Internet via the PlayStation 3, but actually doing so is an exercise in exasperation – the browser window is either [...]

Another Week, Another Country

21 October, 2007

Hot on the heels of my trip to Manchester a couple of weeks ago, I spent last week in Guatemala, on another business trip.  This time it was for a workshop on change management, with a bit of knowledge management thrown in for good measure (it’s difficult to do the former well, without having the [...]

Radiohead Ate My PC

12 October, 2007

Unless you’ve just emerged from a coma (in which case you have probably have better things to do than read this ‘blog) you’ll no doubt be aware that Radiohead‘s latest album In Rainbows was released last Wednesday (10th October 2007). In typically contrary style, Radiohead have eschewed the traditional release approach, and have made the new [...]

Black Boys on Mopeds

5 October, 2007

I’m in Manchester (England, not North Carolina) for the week, facilitating a Knowledge Management workshop.  For those not in the know, Knowledge Management basically involves defining and implementing a strategy for capturing an organization’s knowledge (which may be on LANs, paper, individual PCs, or in people’s brains), organizing this so that the information can easily [...]

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