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Tag: flying

Flight or fight

5 December, 2009

Given that I was flying out of Chicago in December, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that my flight back home to Houston was cancelled due to snow. What was a surprise was that the snow was in Houston, not Chicago.  Apparently Houston had been hit by a freak cold snap, resulting in an [...]

The world may be flat, but it still takes too long to fly across it

26 February, 2008

Much as I dislike air travel (now that the ‘improved’ security measures have made it such a miserable, demeaning experience), the long intercontinental flights do have one advantage: I get to read for eight hours straight. On a recent trip back to Blightly, I finally finished reading Steven Thomas Friedmann’s The World Is Flat Release 2.0 (that’s “Second [...]

Another Week, Another Country

21 October, 2007

Hot on the heels of my trip to Manchester a couple of weeks ago, I spent last week in Guatemala, on another business trip.  This time it was for a workshop on change management, with a bit of knowledge management thrown in for good measure (it’s difficult to do the former well, without having the [...]

Ain’t Technology Grand?

23 May, 2005

I know I’m a whore for modern technology, but this is just outstanding. I’m currently in Fairfax, VA (USA) on a business trip. I’m typing this on a wireless keyboard that is connected via BlueTooth to my HP iPAQ 4700, which in turn is wirelessly connected to the Internet courtesy of the Marriott Courtyard’s Wi-Fi [...]

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